TLA is working from home, but it’s very much business as usual

In response to the UK’s Government’s advice, TLA has spent the last week making our entire business remote-ready, undertaking a comprehensive review process to ensure our technology is fit-for-purpose, our systems are prepared and that we have policies and procedures in place to guarantee compliance, security and operational efficiency.

There has been a particularly strong focus on making our contact centre able to operate completely remotely, given its importance to providing qualified consumers for our clients.

The business dress rehearsed a full work-from-home day on Tuesday 17th March, with all digital and contact centre colleagues working remotely, and all standard daily meetings, stand-ups and workshops continuing to take place via messaging and video conferencing tools. We are pleased to report that the results were wildly successful, from both a productivity and efficiency perspective.

This success has led the business to immediately roll out work-from-home instructions for all employees, meaning TLA will be a fully remote operation for the foreseeable future.

Support and colleague wellbeing

We recognise that working from home is new for a lot of our colleagues, and have implemented a number of initiatives to help our colleagues acclimatise and be productive.

We have assigned a dedicated Project Manager – Emily – to the work-from-home initiative to ensure that every base is covered, whether it be professional or personal.

“Working from home can be a brilliant opportunity, but we know it also comes with many challenges and some unknowns,” Emily says. “We wanted to make sure all of our team members feel they have a go-to person to offer support during this tricky time.”

“Alongside a dedicated technical support team, we’ve also helped employees with advice on claiming back travel costs, on creating productive working environments, and effective use of social media.”

“We’re also aware of the mental health impact on individuals as a result of both the current national mood and the very sudden requirement to work from home, so have also arranged for employee use of mental health advisory lines should they feel they need professional support.”

“As the situation unfolds, we will continue to support all team members with whatever challenges come next.”

We’ve also made it abundantly clear that just because colleagues are no longer sharing an office doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to enjoy each other’s company, and the business will continue to run social and cultural initiatives wherever possible, including personal training sessions by video, best WFH selfie competitions and an 80-person Friday conference call to share success stories from around the business.

“Culture is one of the core reasons why our colleagues and clients enjoy working with us”, says Neil Cosgrove, Head of Studio. “We want to preserve and protect it, and we don’t think that working remotely will have a large impact on who we are as a collective.”