Automotive Lead Processing

Convert more of your third-party leads into sales

Are you tired of inconsistent performance across your lead generation activity? Do you want more consistency and quality?

Generating leads from multiple sources can extend your market reach but create issues with duplication and consistency. It can waste your time and budgets.

Our proprietary customer acquisition platform, TLA CAP, consolidates and optimises your third-party car buyer leads in a single platform. It improves the efficiency and conversion success of your lead generation activity.

You can compare lead performance from multiple sources in a consistent way, enabling you to allocate budgets more effectively for maximum results.

Save Time and Effort Processing Third-Party Leads

Processing leads from multiple third-party sources can be a time-consuming and complicated activity. TLA CAP integrates with your third-party lead providers and consolidates enquiries in a single platform. We take away the labour-intensive activities involved in campaign set up and testing.

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Improve the Quality of your Third-Party Leads

Generating leads from different third-party sources can result in inconsistent quality. TLA CAP improves the overall quality of those leads through lead validation, deduplication and data enrichment.

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Optimise your Lead Generation Programme

When leads are generated from different sources, it’s hard to step back and identify where there’s room for improvement. TLA CAP provides a centralised view of performance across all lead sources via a single dashboard, so you can understand and use the data to optimise your campaigns and drive insight informed spend decisions.

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Receive Leads in the Right Format

Multiple lead sources can often mean data arrives in different formats, making it harder to manage and use. TLA CAP standardises the data, so that all of your third-party leads are delivered where you need them in a single format that’s ready to use.

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Our customer acquisition platform ensures seamless and secure integration with each manufacturer’s CRM systems. It matches, validates, qualifies and enhances car buyer data to ensure you don’t waste time on the wrong buyers.

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