Automotive Lead Generation

Sell more cars with the best-converting leads.

Do you need to reach and convert more car buyers? Do you want better quality from your lead providers?

If you’re struggling to engage hard-to-reach car buyers researching online, it’s a missed opportunity. Our network of automotive sites generate enquiries from car buyers at different stages of their buying journey. Their data is validated, qualified and delivered directly into your CRM or in any other format that works for you.

Lead Data the Way You Need It

If you’re buying leads from a third-party, the wrong format can delay your team being able to engage the car buyer, reducing the chance of conversion. With TLA, your leads are delivered in the format you need, so they’re ready to engage immediately. That could be directly into your CRM or through your website conversion journey. By contacting buyers faster, you’ll increase conversions.

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Quality Guaranteed

If you’ve been burned by poor quality leads in the past, it may make you nervous about using third-party suppliers. At TLA, we’re so confident with the quality of our leads that we provide a quality guarantee in the form a rebate scheme. If you provide us with sales conversion data, we’ll rebate the revenue if the sales conversion is not above a pre-agreed level.

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Actionable Insights & Benchmarking

How does your lead generation campaign compare to others in the market? Are you doing everything possible to increase conversions? With 80% of the new car market using TLA and the ability to engage car buyers throughout their research journey, we provide insights that can be used to improve the effectiveness of your lead generation activity.

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Our Network

Our network of owned and 3rd party websites provide reviews, guides, and car buying tools to make car buying effortless. This gives our partners the opportunity to access unique car buying audiences that are in market and matched to their needs.

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