TLA's Revolutionary Lead Generation Campaign with Nissan

In a market where UK car brands spend over £30 million annually on lead generation without achieving cost-effectiveness, Nissan sought a transformative solution. In January 2022, Nissan partnered with TLA, leveraging their market-leading customer acquisition platform, TLA CAP, to revolutionise their lead generation process.

Nissan faced several challenges:

  • A lack of standardisation across different lead sources.
  • Mixed quality of leads due to varying levels of validation, de-duplication, and qualification.
  • Lead data arriving in inconsistent formats, hindering sales teams.
  • Limited visibility of the car buyer’s journey, making campaign optimisation difficult.

TLA’s CAP platform was the answer:

With 21 years of experience in the automotive sector, TLA CAP provided Nissan with:

  • Access to new in-market audiences.
  • Deep vertical intelligence.
  • Lead consolidation, validation, enrichment, and real-time performance management.

This partnership enabled Nissan to gain a transparent view of its customer acquisition process, allowing them to track lead origins, monitor performance, and decide on conversions.

The collaboration between TLA and Nissan yielded impressive results:

  • 2X Performance: The campaign outperformed the previous year’s activity by two to one.
  • 53% drop in cost-per-sale for Qashqai
  • 53.9% reduction in cost per sale.
  • 36.8% above target for lead-to-sale conversions
  • 100% budget fulfilment: A 7.5% increase from the same period in 2021.


While TLA’s CAP technology was instrumental, the human touch was equally crucial. Collaboration between TBWA\London, MG OMD, TLA, and Nissan, combined with strategic sessions and weekly check-ins, ensured the campaign’s success. The blend of technology and human expertise allowed for smarter, faster decisions, leading to a record sales performance in 2022.

Case Study Nissan

Our strategic partnership with TLA and its Customer Acquisition Platform gave us the tools and visibility we needed to sell more cars during a challenging trading period for the automotive sector.

Charlotte Morris, Affiliate Business Director (Manning Gottlieb OMD)