TLA duo studying for MBA in Business Scale-ups

TLA is funding two members of its management team to study for a Masters Degree Apprenticeship at Liverpool John Moores University.

Neil Antony TLAHead of Studio Neil Cosgrove and Head of Data Insight Antony Neill are enrolled on the MBA Scale-ups Masters-level Degree Apprenticeship – a part-time, two-year, course designed in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute to help businesses grow.

The course focuses on the key areas a business needs to identify their scale-up potential, exploring proven management and leadership development strategies.

Speaking about the course, Neil said: “I’m really grateful to The Lead Agency for giving me the opportunity to study for an MBA. It’s exciting to be starting this journey, which is taking me out of my comfort zone and giving me a fresh perspective of business theories and best practice. I believe it will be a big benefit, not only to me but also to the business.”

Antony added: “One of the great things about TLA is its commitment to continuous improvement. Whether it’s individually or collectively, we’re all focused on growing our skills, knowledge and experience so that we can keep making progress. Studying for an MBA on business scale-ups is a great opportunity for me and I’m looking forward to bringing the things I learn back into the business.”

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