IWD2021 – Student Development Programme

International Women’s Day is a celebration of all of the achievements of women across the world. At TLA we are incredibly fortunate to have many successful women who work tirelessly to ensure we deliver our mission and vision. This week we’re highlighting some of the brilliant women at TLA.

Today we’re joined by our student development team – Merve, Sara and Nicoleta!

Merve Ferad, Sara Elkehya and Nicoleta Oprescu

On the 1st September 2020 after a recruitment process for our annual student development programme, Merve Ferad, Sara Elkehya and Nicoleta Oprescu  joined TLA as Student Developers, working on Internal Systems, Platform X and with our Engagement team. 

Here is what they had to say about their time so far at TLA, why they chose a career in development and women in tech. 

Since joining TLA as placement students we have been able to explore different areas within development. We started our journey working together on a shared project before moving onto our respective teams. We contribute to our teams by taking on tasks to help to improve existing systems, or by taking the first steps to create and envision new ones.

We chose this career path because we had all developed a love for working with technology and having the ability to create something from scratch. The role is highly rewarding as it allows us to have an impact on people directly and see the results of our work. You can work from anywhere in the world in various environments. Career-wise, being a developer also opens up a path that provides endless progression. In such a dynamic industry, there are so many avenues to explore and learn about.

It is important that we aim to bridge the gap between genders and careers, which is rather prominent in the tech industry. Technology is used in most aspects of our lives, and whilst women make up half of the consumers, we are not well represented in the creation process. More women taking up development would not only provide more perspectives, but also the increase pool of skills available and lead to greater innovation. 

This career path provides so many opportunities and it is such a great time to make your way into it. Do not be discouraged by stereotypes, people telling you not to pursue this role based solely on your gender or let the current gender ratios sway your decision – if you are interested in technology, it is worth pursuing this path.

To any young women reading this we would say to stay strong and always strive to be a better version of yourself. Do not be afraid to set big goals for yourself, you can take on and be successful in anything you put your mind to. Do not be restrained by things that make you unhappy, and raise your voice – your opinion matters!