How an estate agency comparison site generates more accurate lead data

There’s one thing that rings true across the lead generation landscape: the better the data, the better you can interact with a potential prospect and the higher the chances of converting that lead.

Marketers across all industries are using the internet as a cornerstone of their wider growth strategy, collecting data in better ways and using new customer information to reach out in creative forms.

This is especially relevant to the world of real estate, as online estate agencies across the UK represent the preferred option of 13 million people, according to a recent study by LetBritain.

However, for a lot of online agencies, the previous data they’ve collected in their search for new leads may become null and void with the implementation of the EU’s GDPR legislation in May 2018.



With a lot of agents still in the dark over GDPR and the improved right to erasure, a lot of online estate agents may find themselves having to start from scratch in their lead generation efforts next year.

Generating leads in a disrupted marketplace

Setting GDPR aside for a moment, consider start-ups like Doorsteps. This housing start-up has helped its founder, 19-year-old Akshay Ruparelia, make millions from the market, with the entrepreneur claiming ‘he can sell a house for £99’.

Aggressive competition in an ever-crowded online marketplace. At least established agencies can fall back on their data sets, get creative with the information they’ve collected in the past, and use that to attract new leads, right?

Not if the information has been collected in certain ways and agents haven’t futureproofed themselves against GDPR. Not only will consumer information soon have to be collected in transparent and ethical ways, it also needs to be securely stored and managed so that consumer data isn’t at risk of exploitation by hackers or internal abuse.

The sooner that online estate agents make themselves GDPR-compliant, the sooner they can collect consumer information in the right ways, target better prospects and be creative in their efforts to generate more relevant leads in a constantly-evolving online marketplace.

Get those leads right now with a comparison service

The path to GDPR compliance can be a tricky one for agents, though, and can hit lead generation and data collection efforts hard in the short-term. It can hurt them in the long-term, too, if they don’t get the right advice and aren’t sure how to use the data they’re collecting to its full potential.

InstantCompare can help online estate agencies to avoid all of these problems and more if they sign up to the estate agent comparison service. InstantCompare not only works to capture GDPR-compliant data from people looking to sell their home, but also uses a unique set of tools to match agents with highly-relevant prospects.

We act as a reliable lead source, providing online estate agents with GDPR-compliant, verified and qualified contacts, and finding the most relevant sellers at various stages of the process. This allows agents to focus on the individuals that matter to them most, without having to waste time on irrelevant leads.

Agencies looking for stronger lead information collected in transparent, ethical ways can grow by partnering with InstantCompare’s estate agent comparison service.  


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