TLA extends range of lead types beyond ‘new car retail’

Over the last 16 years, The Lead Agency has predominantly served the automotive industry with new car retail leads.

But recent changes within the industry, economy and the government initiatives have seen a steady rise in clients requesting a broader range of lead types. As the market has changed, we have found users looking for new ways to interact with manufacturers around a vehicle purchase; TLA are using lead types to adapt to the contemporary consumer.

New lead types offer us, and our manufacturing and agency partners, the broadest coverage across user interest and allows the user a tailored service around their car-buying needs.

While new car leads remain as important as ever, we’ve invested time, effort and money to expand our channels so that we cater for the needs of our client base. These lead types will allow us to produce higher quality, direct leads that help clients hit their most valued KPIs. The following lead types are now offered to support dealers with vehicle sales across all their channels.

Approved Used Vehicle

As financing a new vehicle becomes a more expensive prospect many users are turning to second-hand options, but they are still looking for the reliability and reassurance of a new vehicle.

Our sites and contact method allow us to promote the benefits of buying a used vehicle through the manufacturer’s scheme. This lead type allows us to engage users on a wider range of options and will help retailers get used vehicles off their forecourts.

Fleet & Business

We attract customers who are in-market to buy an individual company/business vehicle or a fleet of company vehicles. The Lead Agency has long-prided itself on its ability to connect with small and medium enterprises that fly under the radar of the larger fleet schemes in the UK.

Purchasing a new vehicle through a business is an attractive prospect and we can give users the information they need from our clients to make the right decision.

Commercial Vehicles

Customers engage with us in view of finding the perfect new commercial van. Each potential purchaser is unique, and have their own requirements for a working vehicle.

This can be a large amount of data to process through usual channels, but our contact centre allows us to listen to user’s needs and match them with the best commercial vehicle and deal. 

Retail Leads (new car)

We are still very focused on new car retail leads and are dedicated to supporting this channel and the dealers by driving the highest converting leads in the market. We are investing in new technologies to help drive, qualify and assist in converting these leads. The interest in these areas will only continue to grow as our offering diversifies across multiple channels.

All the lead types outlined above get the same level of lead confirmation, nurturing and qualification treatment via our in-house contact centre and delivered as requests for brochures, test drives or quotes.

If you would like to discuss any of the above or would like a forecast on any of the leads types, contact the team today.

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