TLA awarded with ISO 27001 certification

We are proud to have been awarded with ISO 27001:2013 certification, the internationally-recognised Information Security Management Standard that demonstrates our commitment to the security of all stakeholder information.

ISO 27001 is a viewed globally as a benchmark for trust, reliability and integrity – something we believe is fundamental for the future of customer acquisition and lead generation.

Above all, it demonstrates that we have identified risks and put in place systemised controls to protect the business and our employees, along with our clients, partners and consumers.

TLA has always committed to working to the highest standards across all parts of the business. But over the last two years, following the announcement of GDPR, we have moved to put in place more structured processes and policies to ensure we are leading the way within the lead generation space. ISO 27001, along with our award-nominated GDPR Programme, are great examples of how we have enhanced our approach.

To receive ISO 27001 certification, we were required to pass an in-depth assessment carried out by an independent auditor (accredited by UKAS) who reviewed all types of information that are received, managed and distributed by the business.

What does ISO 27001 mean for TLA and our clients?

One of the most significant benefits of meeting ISO 27001 standards is that other organisations – such as other lead generation partners or data enrichment companies – can input their data into Platform X with complete confidence that it will be handled and processed to the highest-possible standards.

This means you can…

  • Reach more in-market consumers by receiving leads from a broader range of sources
  • Enhance quality across all lead generation activity by qualifying and enriching leads to the same exceptional standards
  • Save time and energy by using one customer acquisition platform for all your leads
  • Gain peace of mind from knowing all your leads are GDPR-compliant and managed to ISO 27001
  • Have the confidence of knowing TLA is always identifying ways to improve and enhance its services

If you’d like more information about the ISO accreditation, contact us today.

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