PT, press-ups and progress

We believe in helping each other make progress. Not only in a professional capacity but in other aspects of life – including health and fitness.

TLA personal trainingThat’s why last year we teamed up with LIVFIT to offer free personal training sessions for the TLA team. Several months on and we’re pleased with the progress. The hour-long session provides a fun and encouraging environment for us to work on our fitness.

Every Tuesday, we venture down to Liverpool’s waterfront to perform a combination of squats, lunges, press-ups, burpees and other exercises we’re reliably informed are good for us!

We won’t lie, it’s not easy. And we’ve been known to complain once we’ve got our breath back. But we always leave with an I’m-glad-I-did-that sort of feeling*.

Life at TLA

PT is just one of a number of health benefits we offer, along with free games of squash and subsidised gym membership. We’re also plotting a running club and weekly game of five-a-side football.

There’s no obligation to take part, of course, but they’re a great option for anyone wanting to improve their fitness and have fun.

If you’d like to know more about our culture or check out our latest vacancies, visit our Careers page.

*This feeling temporarily disappears when we wake-up sore the following day, but thankfully returns later in the week.

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