Platform X clients provided access to TLA’s remote telephony service – at no additional cost

“Future-proofing” has long been an obsession of ours at TLA. Since our founding in 2002, we have consistently asked the question “what’s next?” when determining how our business should operate, and have a long and storied history of technological innovation, in terms of both internal business systems and products and services for our clients.

It was that question that, three years ago, led us to start development of our own contact centre telephone exchange, built upon the Twilio SAAS platform. At the time, we were thinking about how the consumer engagement landscape was going to change, and how our systems could support a widely-distributed, multi-channel operation. The result was a cloud-based solution that removed the restrictions imposed by standard hardware-based contact centre systems, and provided complete flexibility, as well as – thankfully – a foundation for business continuity.

And it was with that in mind that two weeks ago, in anticipation of the instruction to ask staff to work remotely, we sent all our contact centre operatives home with laptops and headsets and continued our work seamlessly, without a single issue. In some instances, we have even seen improvements in call quality due to reductions in background noise and operatives adopting a more relaxed tone of voice.

Despite the obvious benefits, this decision to use Twilio technology was not purely focused around our own contact centre. We know that the dealer sales staff handling our leads could potentially benefit from our cloud-based contact systems, and this became a core tenet during the development of Platform X, our blockchain-based consumer acquisition platform. It is with that in mind that we will be making our remote telephony services available to all Platform X clients as of today.

Given the current situation, with widespread closure of retailer showrooms, there are significant benefits that this service can provide to retailers working remotely. Simply routing existing numbers to our system, we can enable a retailer team to be handling inbound and outbound calls from a laptop and headset within a matter of hours, including call recording services and inbound “hunt” groups for larger operations. The system has been running a 30-person contact centre, handling over 10,000 calls per day, for 3 years, so has been very well tested!

This is just one of several new features that we are working on to empower retailers during these challenging times, and will soon be announcing the launch of the extended data view service to our Platform X clients.

In the meantime, should you require any other assistance or guidance in supporting your retailer operations during the current crisis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Ed Clark
Chief Product Officer, TLA