Our commitment to compliance and transparency

TLA is built on foundations of openness, transparency, and trust.

We are not just a traditional lead generation company; we‘re a business with great passion for technology, marketing, and compliance. Each of these disciplines are intrinsically linked to each other.

Independent endorsements

We are leading the way in making performance marketing as transparent and compliant as it has ever been. Our approach to continuous improvement reinforces what is already a strong compliance culture. Our approach to GDPR has been externally endorsed by an independent third party. ASE Global, an automotive industry specialist and renowned professional services provider, commented of TLA: “Internally, their policies are sound, staff are appropriately trained…”; “externally, customers can provide their personal data to TLA, confident that the processing it is subject to from there will be compliant”.

We take no chances when it comes to personal data; in the spirit of trust that we want to gain and maintain with our clients, we immediately refer any new potentially contentious project to the Information Commissioner’s office. Information security is a priority, and our ISO 27001 certification is testament to our approach. From start to finish, the accreditation process took just five months, a great endorsement that our established processes needed very little enhancement to meet the requirements of this formidable standard.


There is much discussion around the need for transparency in the digital marketing industry. Many advances in technology and process are working towards achieving this. Nobody disputes that this is a challenge, but we have all bases covered.

Balancing commercial interests and meeting compliance requirements can be tricky for some organisations. However, with strict processes to follow (and not just because we are ISO 27001 accredited for the second year running), and because morally and ethically it’s the right thing to do, we set ourselves high standards. Anything less is not acceptable.

Our systems and processes

In 2019, we introduced Platform X, our blockchain-based declared data platform that underpins our entire approach to providing a compliant, transparent service for our clients. Platform X records every step of the consumer engagement and data delivery processes, using the immutability of the blockchain to provide an end-to-end audit log of every data item. The system is tamper-proof and provides significant advances in transparency for every party we interact with.

Platform X provides bespoke real-time reporting to our clients, offering transparency at every step.  As the platform continues to evolve, we will continue to offer an unrivalled, transparent and compliant service for our partners.

Kathy Fleming, Head of Quality & Compliance at TLA

For more information on the compliance culture, measures and standards we have built at TLA, please contact Kathy at [email protected].