How online estate agencies can get better leads through a comparison service

Is the traditional estate agent under threat of extinction? Andrew Ellson believes so, writing recently in The Times that “Estate agents need to be dragged into the 21st century.” In particular, he laments the often exorbitant fees some charge for doing relatively little work.

He’s mainly talking about high-street agents, though. The industry is far from dead, although online companies such as PurpleBricks are offering a much more personalised service for sellers, and are growing at an incredible rate as a direct result.

In fact, this trend has spawned a slew of online competitors and encouraged more high-street-based chains to develop their own online services to compete against these disruptive companies which are transforming the industry through the power of the internet.



That has, in effect, created a different problem for agencies. With sellers’ eyeballs heading online whenever they want to sell their home, the real estate landscape is suddenly looking a lot more cluttered than it was a few years ago. How can the average agency attract attention in such a crowded environment?

Better targeting helps attract more viewings

Online agencies looking to grow and differentiate themselves from the competition can do so by using better targeting and generating a higher volume of better-quality leads.

Easier said than done, though. The difficulty some agencies have is that the sheer reach and diversity of the internet allows online estate agencies to be exponentially more inventive than a traditional high-street vendor.

There’s a great breakdown on the Daily Mirror’s website about the pros offered by online estate agents when compared to high-street vendors. Online services are often much cheaper, sellers typically have access to a 24/7 online management service, access to face-to-face trusted services, and the freedom to use multiple agents should they wish.

That last point is especially relevant to agencies looking to attract more leads online. With so much consumer choice out there thanks to the internet, what’s the best way to consistently get in front of the most valuable leads that will help to grow your business and differentiate you from competition?

Promote your agency’s USPs through a comparison service

Partnering with an online estate agency comparison service can go a long way to generating a better quality and higher volume of leads on a consistent basis. This move can also help to showcase the absolute best bits of your agency to get greater brand awareness into the market’s conscious.

InstantCompare provides sellers with tools to help them value their home, list their requirements when they’re looking to sell, and match them with online estate agents most suited to their needs.

We’re proud of our commitment to transparent and fully GDPR-compliant data collection, and our ability to put a higher volume of relevant leads the way of partner agencies. InstantCompare is able to collect intricate data from sellers in a highly ethical and organic way, acting as a reliable lead source for online estate agents across the nation.

Our comparison service also puts agencies in the shop window and matches them with qualified and verified leads, allowing agencies to focus more energy on the clients most likely to convert and grow your business.

Looking for a higher volume of better-quality leads to grow your online estate agent? Download our guide to find out more.


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