Next Green Car and TLA extend partnership

Press release: Next Green Car and TLA extend partnership to help automotive brands connect with electric car buyers.

Online publisher  Next Green Car and performance marketing specialist  TLA have extended their partnership to help automotive brands reach in-market electric car buyers as they research their next vehicle.  

The partnership will see TLA deploy custom-built engagement tools across Next Green Car’s portfolio of electric vehicle-focused review, news and guide content, with the aim of capturing consumer interest and helping them make an informed green car purchase.   

As part of the agreement, TLA will also be responsible for lead generation from Next Green Car’s search, social and email channels.  

While the UK automotive industry is facing an unprecedented challenge as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, SMMT’s May forecast predicts that market share for electric vehicles will grow by 85% in 2020, as the vehicles become more affordable and accessible to an increasingly climate-conscious market.     

This is a view shared by TLA, who believe that helping buyers to make informed purchase decisions is essential for helping the electric vehicle segment to prosper, and have spent the last year developing electric green-specific engagement tools to support the market. The partnership will provide TLA clients with access to more in-market consumers at all stages of the buying funnel, while enriching the site experience for Next Green Car visitors.  

Research shows that 80 per cent of consumers visit a third-party website during the research phase of a purchase, with 65 per cent using them to start their journey. Next Green Car is one of UK’s most popular websites for car buyers looking to switch to an electric car having built deep knowledge and experience of the market over the past ten years. 

TLA, meanwhile, has 18 years’ experience in the automotive sector, connecting in-market car buyers with brands such as BMW, VW Group, Ford and Mercedes-Benz.  With extensive consumer reach across a network of publishers, and underpinned by Platform X, its blockchain-based end-to-end consumer acquisition platform, TLA attracts, qualifies and guides in-market car buyers in making their next purchase.  

‘Exciting Partnership’ 

Next Green Car’s COO Melanie Shufflebotham said: “We are delighted to be working with TLA whose industry experience and specialist tools complement our existing content and will enrich the visitor experience. This exciting partnership will help consumers make a more informed decision when it comes to switching to an electric vehicle bringing significant benefits to’s visitors as well as TLA and its clients.  

TLA CEO Anton Hanley added: “We’re proud to have extended our partnership with Next Green Car. Its website is a trusted source of high-quality electric vehicle and green information for car buyers and enthusiasts throughout the country. Combining their excellent content and extensive audience with our technology and processes will allow us to create even more quality opportunities for our clients to connect with hard-to-reach consumers and increase sales.

For more information,  contact the team.

About Next Green Car

Next Green Car is the UK’s leading green car website with a mission to help car buyers switch to electric motoring. Established in 2007, Next Green Car has been tracking the market for over ten years and has a deep knowledge of electric cars. Car buyers can search and compare any car currently available in the UK, and compare many criteria including price, tax, running costs, range and emissions. With the latest news and reviews on all-electric cars, Next Green Car is a destination for car buyers researching their next car purchase. Next Green Car has also developed and operates Zap-Map, the UK’s No.1 map of public charge points.