Manufacturers reveal confidence in TLA’s GDPR-compliant leads

With GDPR now in place, can car manufacturers continue to trust the third-party data they receive from lead generation companies?

In short, the answer is a ‘yes’ from The Lead Agency. This trust building hasn’t happened overnight. We’ve served the UK automotive industry since 2002 and currently work with the majority of the country’s manufacturers on their lead generation campaigns.

We took a proactive approach to GDPR, starting our preparation early and working closely with our clients over the last year. We have left no stone unturned to ensure our customer acquisition service provides both quality leads and peace of mind to our clients.

“The Lead Agency team are a trusted partner to our business,” said Jess Douce, marketing manager for Jaguar Land Rover’s UK new car sales team, looking after retail, fleet and business, AUV and aftersales. “They’re not only great to work with but they believe in doing things the right way.”

“They provide the highest-quality GDPR-compliant client portal that I have used, which help us to send more leads to our retailers,” she added.

“Remarkable” approach to GDPR

Last week we received a glowing endorsement from ASE Global for our “remarkable” preparation for GDPR, with the automotive specialist commenting that “the work undertaken by The Lead Agency goes far beyond what the new legislation requires.”

We’re proud of that feedback and it’s even more pleasing to hear our clients echo the sentiment.

“The Lead Agency team are a long serving partner of Hyundai,” said the manufacturer’s senior manager for CRM and insight Danielle Hollis. “They provide good quality GDPR compliant enquiries at scale, which means we sell more cars which helps us achieve our targets.”

In the coming weeks, we’ll reveal our thoughts on the future of lead generation in a post-GDPR world and our advice for making it a viable part of your marketing strategy.

In the meantime, you can read more about our GDPR preparation and advice for other organisations in our recent article in Car Dealer Magazine.