Life at The Lead Agency: Meet CSO Team Leader, Ryan O’Connor

Ryan O’Connor joined The Lead Agency just over four years ago as a Customer Service Operator (CSO). His strong performance saw him progress quickly to the position of Sales Team Leader.

Here, Ryan reveals more about his role, his team and life at The Lead Agency…

How did your career at The Lead Agency begin?

Once I’d graduated I needed to get a full-time job. I’d never planned for a career in a call centre but worked in one part-time during my three years at University and spotted the CSO (Customer Service Operator) vacancy at TLA.

I listened to a couple of the calls the team were making and knew that I would be able to do it – and I’ve been here ever since!

Can you talk a bit about your progression within the company?

I quickly settled into the team and had the support and patience of everyone around me. I always made sure that I hit my targets, so, despite only working in the CSO role for a year and a half, I decided to apply for the Sales Team Leader position.

As a Team Leader, I’m expected to lead by example by ensuring all targets are consistently met or exceeded. In my opinion, being a leader is all about getting to know people, knowing how to speak to people and how to give feedback.

What are the main responsibilities of your role?

I’m responsible for my own team which consists of several CSOs. On a day-to-day basis I’m required to support my team members by making sure that they’re aware of their targets and delivering on budgets at a good-quality standard.

What do you enjoy most about working at TLA?

Being able to work with many different and passionate personalities. All the individual characters in the group make for a fun working environment, meaning that we enjoy what we do and work well as a team.

Although it’s technically a sales job, we’re not actually selling anything! We’re ringing existing enquiries and fulfilling their needs.

Sales roles are often high-pressured. Is that the case at TLA?

There is a pressure to perform, but our targets are always achievable. The targets are set based on several different factors, but we have never been set an unachievable target.

There are always incentives and bonuses in place to reward the people who hit and continue to exceed their targets too. At the end of the day, those who are willing to work hard will always reap the rewards.

What does your team do on a day-to-day basis?

It’s about working through your enquiries (which become leads once they’ve been qualified) and ensuring that you do it in the smartest way possible to meet your goals. All new members of the team learn how best to achieve these targets as they go through the induction process.

call centre jobs LiverpoolWhat is the culture like within your team and the wider team?

We all get on extremely well with one other and someone is always there to offer their help and support.
When new people join, we ensure they are made to feel very welcome and integrate them into the group as quickly as possible.

Patsy (Mawdsley, Head of Contact Centre) regularly organises social events for the whole team. Last month we went to Roxy’s Ballroom and we played beer pong and pool which was great fun.

My team also managed to hit an incentivised target last month, and our prize was a £200 restaurant tab which we spent at Viva Brazil!

What sort of characteristics do you value in your team members?

I value people that are hardworking and willing to learn and adapt!

What advice would you give to someone who is starting their career as a CSO?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Those who do choose to ask for assistance when they need it will always achieve better results.

Another key piece of advice I would say is to make sure you concentrate, listen carefully and take onboard the guidance offered to you from the more experienced members of the team. That way, you’ll learn and adapt quicker and achieve great results.

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