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TLA unveils new site for Car Keys

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Car Keys website, which has been redeveloped and designed to offer a faster, mobile-friendly experience for its users.

Car Keys is our online automotive publication dedicated to people researching and buying a new car. It helps thousands of people to explore their options and easily identify the vehicles that best meet their needs.

With its user base growing quickly, we undertook a full review and in-depth research to plan a complete rebuild and redesign of the website. The end result is a faster, user-friendly experience optimised for all device types – particularly mobile, which is the source of more than half of all traffic to the platform.

Car Keys’ acting editor Ryan McElroy said: “Our new site is now multi-device friendly, with bespoke interfaces designed specifically for use on mobile and tablet, as well as on desktop. It is faster to load than ever before and features a much-improved user journey, so users will find easier to access all of our great features.

“It’s better looking too, with a complete redesign that more effectively incorporates integrated images and videos, so you can enjoy our content across all forms of media in one easy to navigate destination.”

Consumers with intent

Car Keys generates thousands of leads, which are subsequently nurtured by the TLA team. Our focus on finding real consumers – those with intent to buy – has helped us create growth opportunities for automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Mini, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar and Škoda.

Tom White, who joined TLA as automotive managing director earlier this year, commented: “Car Keys is an increasingly recognised consumer brand that’s rapidly growing its audience of car buyers and enthusiasts. It provides impartial information and advice so that people are able to make more informed and confident decisions. We’re all about making it easier for consumers to make the right decision on their next new car, and then connecting them with the best place to test drive and buy.”

For more information about our automotive offering, drop us a line.

Culture in tech: Liverpool Girl Geeks gather to discuss diversity

What makes for a healthy and diverse company culture?

That was the topic of conversation at last night’s (12 June) Liverpool Girl Geeks Women in Tech meet-up, which took place at The Lead Agency.

The good, the bad and the ugly of Silicon Valley’s Bro Culture was discussed as part of a panel discussion. Recent reports of sexism and a widening gender gap in California’s tech heartland have been big news in recent months, so it was the perfect time to discuss how organisations can build more inclusive cultures.

Our recently appointed brand manager Keith Price was on the panel alongside Deborah Chapman, head of reward, pensions and diversity at Shop Direct; Jane Fitzmaurice, resource partner at Auto Trader; and Mando account manager Leyla Kee-McParlin; while Liverpool Girl Geek director Jo Morfee was on hand to host.

Value-led organisations

The panellists spoke of the importance of creating organisations with purpose and authentic values that are entrenched in everything they do – including how staff are recruited, inducted and rewarded.

They also referenced initiatives that are having a positive impact within their organisations such as wellbeing centres, diversity and inclusion sessions, balanced working environments and perks, and leadership built on trust rather than fear.

Bridging the skills gap

Another area of discussion was the skills gap that exists within the industry. As our sector expands, the demand for talent will continue to outstrip the supply – both here and around the world – so attracting young men and women to embark on tech careers is essential for making progress.

The panellists referenced the importance of tech companies taking individual responsibility for creating strong, inclusive cultures as well as the need to come together to promote the opportunities that exist within the sector.

Commitment to culture

Organisations like Liverpool Girl Geeks are making huge strides to tackling this important issue and each of the companies on the panel are demonstrating their commitment to making culture a priority.

At The Lead Agency, we are proud to have women in all departments across the business – including development, design and UX, digital marketing and sales – many of whom have arrived via apprenticeship schemes with local universities.

We’d like there to be more – as well as people from different backgrounds. Building a diverse team with different perspectives is vital for the creativity and innovation our industry lives on.

As well as Keith’s arrival earlier this year, we’re recruiting for a HR manager and will soon announce a new in-house recruitment manager. These three roles will play a huge role in supporting the board and management team in developing a culture that attracts, nurtures and supports the very best talent.

Visit the Liverpool Girl Geeks website for more information about their mission and other events in their calendar.